In this episode, we speak with Karen E. Osborne, a master fundraiser, teacher, and storyteller who loves and believes in the power of philanthropy and nonprofits. She built her career around these passions not only as a frontline fundraiser, speaker, trainer, teacher, consultant, and coach but also as a donor, volunteer, and board member. She has served in senior positions at colleges and universities and, for the past 25 years, as President and now as Senior Strategist at The Osborne Group. Nationally and internationally recognized, Karen is the recipient of CASE’s Crystal Apple for Outstanding Teaching and Public Speaking and the Ashmore Award for Outstanding Service to the Profession and is an adjunct faculty member for Johns Hopkins University’s graduate certificate program in nonprofit management. Karen is also a published author. Her first novel, “Getting It Right,” debuted in 2017 followed by the thriller “Tangled Lies” in 2021. Her third novel, “Reckonings,” will be released this summer.

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