Welcome back Masterminds, this week we jump back into the series with an amazing interview. Heather Mansfield has been on the leading edge of applying tech to social good for over 25 years. Since the mid-nineties, she has pioneered efforts in crowdfunding, e-mail, fundraising, and then social media marketing for the non-profit world. As the editor-in-chief and founder of non-profit Tech for Good, author of the best-selling books Mobile for Good: Social Media for Social Good, the Global NGO Tech Report, and the Global Trends and Giving Report as well as The Voice Behind non-profit aurochs reaching hundreds of thousands on social networks. She’s presented at conferences around the world online and in real life as well as trained and inspired hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to successfully use tech for the benefit of humanity. We caught up with Heather at her home office in Tucson, Arizona.


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